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Our classes/courses are designed with you in mind. We create courses made for crafters and entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their talent into consistent income. We know first hand how exciting it can be when you are a creative person and want to make money, doing what you love.


Sure, you can go to YouTube to watch a TON of videos and learn your way around the craft world. BUT if you want to save yourself the headache and learn from ONE instructor (a really dope and fun one), you should join CBU. We are dedicated to giving you a space where you can learn our material, have our support to hold you accountable, and have additional fun doing activities that will keep you motivated. We are here to help you GROW your business!


Check out our available classes and e-books below   


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Thanks so much! This was very detailed and informative. Thankful for the  content planning worksheet. Definitely going to use it going forward.

--- S. Bradley

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Extremely helpful!!! Gave detailed direction on how to use insights to help create more content. Needed that! Thank you so much!

— M. Kelsey

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Very helpful.. working on organizing my business page and updating color scheme. Thank you for all the information. Keep up the great work.

— K. Levine


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