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Our Mock-up Class replay is the ultimate resource for learning how to create and utilize mock-ups for your party favors.


This class is perfect for anyone interested in creating and utilizing mock-ups to ugrade how you present your party favors to potential customers. 


Not only will you learn how to create mock-ups, but the class also covers:

  • Resources to work smarter not harder
  • How to utilize mock-ups for your brand
  • How to utilize mock-ups to upsell
  • Mock-up do's and dont's

And more to help you effectively use party favor mock-ups.


The class is available for replay so you can learn at your own pace and refer back to the content whenever needed.


Complimentary class notes mock-up templates also included!


Join our Mock-up Class today and start creating perfect mock-ups for your party favors. 



Mock-up Class


You will recieve a PDF with the link to access the Invitation Class and class notes. Be sure to download the PDF to save it to your computer for easy access. 

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