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Updated: Jan 23

Welcome to our Blog! As many of you know, Canvas Bling is a business that also promotes positivity and self growth for women. We formulated this blog in order to connect to our crafty sisters while creating a safe place to gain motivation. Our goal is to encourage you while also supporting you with uplifting words.

Join our blog as an official Member for extra perks!


Becoming a member allows you to follow fellow crafty sisters, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Enjoy the luxury of your own personal profile page that you can customize to fit your personality.


Our goal is to expand our sisterhood. Active members of our blog community will also get the opportunity to write future blog post! We would love for you to add your positive thoughts and energy to our blog. Canvas Bling is diverse and innovative. We are constantly expanding and looking for fresh new ideas.


Join our private Facebook community. This is a safe space created for crafty business owners to come together to educate, uplift and motivate on another to strive for growth and success.


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