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New year, new me!

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

New Year resolutions have somehow become a thing to do. However, how many times have you created these resolutions and not follow through only to disappoint yourself come December? Below are some helpful tips on creating resolutions and successfully accomplishing those annual goals!

Tips on accomplishing your resolutions

  • Short List - Don't overwhelm yourself! Keep your resolution list short. That way, you can attack your goals one by one and accomplish them all.

  • Organize your goals -Try breaking down your large goals into mini goals. Don't just write your goal, also write out an action plan for each individual goal. You'll be surprised at how accomplishing mini goals can give you the extra boost of motivation that you need to reach the end goal.

  • Deadlines - Give yourself deadlines. Procrastination can dead any goal easily. Follow up on your action plans and add them to your calendar.

  • Create a checklist - Mark off your mini goals one by one. Seeing your mini accomplishments will motivate you to keep going. I promise!

  • Reminders - Constantly remind yourself of your goals. Add sticky notes all over your work desk if need be. Figure out a way that you can visually see what your goals are for a daily reminder.

  • Stay dedicated -Don't give up! Stop thinking that you can't do it. The mind is powerful. If you keep thinking you won't reach your goals, then guess what? YOU WON'T! You owe it to yourself to follow through with each goal.

We hope that those tips were helpful to you! You can do whatever it is you set your mind to. The New Year is a fresh start and the possibilities are endless. How cool will it be to have reached each goal you initially had? I am confident that these tips will improve your goal setting skills! You can do it!

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